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Mission Statement


Our mission as Chilled and Considerate:

· To empower our community to recognise and address factors that undermine their ability to remain “Chilled and Considerate” in times of threat, worry, change or uncertainty.

· To fundamentally shift the culture and dialogue in schools and wider society about how to manage unexpected life events

· To enable everyone to catch “what if” thoughts and know how to support their friends and family with such thoughts.

· To reduce inter-group blaming, promote inclusion and support of others, and provide tools to use to support one another.

How do we do this?

· We provide programs for schools that aim fundamentally to shift the culture and dialogue within the school to embrace and learn to deal with the unexpected.

· We run online courses for parents and teachers to help them recognise how they can act differently in times of worry, change, uncertainty and threat.

· We write and share articles and resources, participate in interviews, and lead webinars and online discussions.

· We collaborate with mental health and public health organisations.

· We use our social media to share what we do, and to call out sensationalising and catastrophising.



Our hashtag #bechilledandconsiderate calls on media sources and others to:

Ø Be clear and truthful in the reporting of news

Ø Challenge the 'Language of Fear' when it is used in the Media and on Social Media


Together, we can be clear, chilled and considerate of ourselves and others.

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