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teacher wellbeing COURSE

Since February 2020, the additional load on teachers, school executives, and school principals has been exhausting. Teachers have been frontline in implementing widespread change and continue to recognise the challenges of supporting their own and their student's mental health as they return to face-to-face learning.


The Chilled and Considerate Teacher Online Course has been developed to support teacher wellbeing.  This online program can be completed over several days, in total taking 2 hours. It is valuable Teacher Identified Professional Development.


Through videos, classroom scenarios, and meditations, the program helps teachers understand their responses to worry and change. It provides a step by step strategy to help recognise the traps that students, parents and our culture set up to undermine mental health.

These learnings will allow you to focus on healthy responses to anxiety within yourself, your class and your family.

Young Professor

The Burnout course has 3 components: Understanding burnout; Build your Happiness Muscles and Self Compassion. The course takes 15 minutes to complete, certificate emailed on completion.

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