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Refund Policy

The person responsible for the booking as indicated in these terms and conditions is the person who is named on the training confirmation form to the left. It is your responsibility to read all terms and conditions of your booking. The price for the two part live webinar/session is displayed on the website and must be paid in full, by debit or credit card at time of booking in order to confirm registration.


Your booking will be confirmed after registration by e-mail. Tickets for workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes in personal circumstances or work commitment. We reserve the right to cancel or change workshop dates if necessary, at any time. In the event of cancellation, all customers will be notified. If a customer is not available for the new date, they will be refunded the ticket in full and offered a choice of alternative dates / events.

Parent Bootcamp
Normally, AU$55 Join me for the parent bootcamp for an initial offer of AU$40.00. The bootcamp is a 1 hour course, it include brief self measurement, a downloadable book, audio and video clips and a range of activities. It complements the student programs being delivered in schools across Sydney.

Thank you!

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