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Covid-19 chilled and considerate, mental health support

The COVID-19 Chilled and Considerate Parent Bootcamp

The Parent Bootcamp is a 1 hour online course ​delivered by Dr Einstein which will help you understand how to  grasp your natural response to uncertainty, and turn it around for a better outcome. It will also provide a clear way to assess  how others in your life; husbands, wives, children, respond to uncertainty and how their responses may differ from yours.


In this hour, you will work through a series of exercises, audios and videos, and questions that will open your mind.  You will reflect on your natural response to uncertainty. You will be pushed to think about how and why you have developed your natural response and then, be given the tools to change it. 


The program does not time out so you can stop and start the program as you please, giving you time to pause and reflect as you work through it.


In order to help our children, we need to understand how we are rattled and what we can do about our anxious thoughts for ourselves. In the Parent Bootcamp you will learn to change a few habits that indicate less healthy ways of managing your worries. This course will help you to fine tune your skills and improve your parenting.  The skills you develop will help you, to help your children navigate their worries too.


For all parents, it will prove to be a very valuable hour of your time

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