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Webinar for Heads of School This 50 minute introductory Zoom webinar led by Dr Einstein will take School Principals and their Deputies succinctly and comprehensively through research to illustrate the impact of dislike of uncertainty on mental health and wellbeing, and explain why it is so important for the future of school communities to start to shift their language around uncertainty.   Over the course of the webinar, Dr Einstein will
  • Explore uncertainty and burnout, and why it is so important for Principals to understand their effects on lifetime mental health.

  • Unpick what the research tells us about uncertainty and its effects on thinking styles in adults and students.

  • Introduce key elements of the Chilled and Considerate school programs which support students and teachers in learning to manage their responses.

  • Discuss the key traps to consider when leading school communities at times of unrest or adversity.

  •   This webinar is specifically restricted to Heads and Deputy Heads of School.   ​ ​    ​ ​ ​
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